21 Days of staying home with 21 ideas to shine each day !!

In India its lockdown for 21 days but its the break we were looking from a long time now it’s here

21 days of exploration

21 days of self Awareness

21 days of creativity

21 days of opportunity

21 days are enough to adapt any good habit and enough to break this chain so let’s opt these cool ideas and make some good out of this #quarantine days

  1. Start a New Book and finish it within 21 days (and understand only buying a book and piling them on the shelf won’t help, the best time to read some chapter is just before sleep)

2. As Cleanliness is our first priority now, do deep cleaning of your room/home/kitchen by selecting one space a day (Ghar ka Kona Kona chamka do :p)

3. Try some new Recipe with the ingredients available also if you don’t know any cooking learn basic one (this crisis must be thought you this how cooking is important)

4. Practice Silence for a day at least, it will give some new direction to your life also how weird you can think (if you have courage write them down :p)

5. Learn any new language (good to go with some mostly used languages which can help you in the new future like state/regional one, I am learning Marathi)

6. Cleaning of your device is equally important now our devices are full of garbage/forwards/memes, so clean it, also arrange your PC drives, move your favorite pictures to the cloud, delete unnecessary stuff

7. Remove dust from your guitar and play it if it doesn’t work this time, sell it on olx, please

8. Get an Internet-free day without mobile/laptop/any gadget

9. Talk to your old friends/video call to your parents, relatives(okay they are not that bad :p), connect your old friends from social media

10. Sign up on Quora and share some Gyaan

11. Set up some garden in the balcony and grow some basic vegetables from seeds like(chilies, lemon, tomato, mint, coriander, etc) if you don’t have pot just shove them in some jar or something once a plant is up transferred it to another container if you don’t have any soil either go with plants that can grow in water(check out some basic youtube channel for simple gardening)

12. Practice Yoga/Meditation (Surya Namaskar and Vipassana is good to start with), connect with some live classes going on Instagram(@yogawithgarima) and for mediation follow some tricks of Osho/Sadguru/@jayshetty

13. Watch some quality content on Netflix (Money Heist, Dark, Her, You, Ozark, Kingdom, etc)

14. Start writing your journal that we want to do from childhood now its time to draft something on daily basis, your goals, how the day went, what you did or anything you just want to share with your diary aka yourself

15. Start writing some quotes (on YourQuote, on Medium) or your opinions about anything, token of appreciation for your loved ones, you can write reviews of places you been to on google/TripAdvisor/zomato or movie review/product review

16. Paint your feelings on canvas/wall murals(if it’s your own house ), try doodling (Checkout @theuncommonbox and @artistmamtasingh) and get it done

17. Spent some quality time with your kids playing, loving animals, talking to your parents and sharing your true feeling with your partner(Baatein Karo)

18. Try some new moves freestyle dance/Zumba/classical dance and dance cum exercise

19. Create your own space do some DIY and Interior to that corner for work from home and for all your creativity (soon I am going to post how to create youtube channel background, stay tuned)

20. spent a day without covid-19 existence no news, no analytics nothing just nothing like a normal holiday

21. For the god sake one day do nothing, no nothing, completely nothing, void, don’t plan anything, free your mind just go with the flow

Which one is your favorite among this, share your ideas too in the comment section will love to hear and get some new ideas in this phase.

Don’t get upset, Stay motivated, Share the good, Feed good and most important stay home, stay home, stay home.

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Everything will be alright, virtual hugs ❤

2 thoughts on “21 Days of staying home with 21 ideas to shine each day !!

  1. My fav one is creativity.. I have one old ladder which our painter forgot here long time back, and he is no mood take it back:p. It is totally in bad condition, I m planning to work on it like painting and other decorative stuff- still thinking..then add some wooden ply/shelf keep it one kona of my second bedroom.

    This ladder will have cool stuff like things we used for creativity – decorative stuff, gift papers, stationary, some books, photos and many more agar jagah bacha to..

    Will share pictures once done..

    I love ur blogs girl.. u r Rockstar!!!

    1. Thanks, Nupur 🙂
      Indeed I started imaging that ladder
      love to see once it’s done 🙂
      and yes creativity is to take out something from like unused !!

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