When an American said, Indian women are more fun man !!

I recently visited Goa, India. and by chance met a guy of age 21 around.

He was born in India and brought up in America somewhere. mostly or totally our conversation on :

#India Vs America sometime

#Relationship in India

#How really friends have fun there Vs in India

#Marriage and love

#Must visit destinations in India

#Hobbies, photography and culture

While exploring nearby beach together me, he and his younger brother.

We were playing some games in the sea, challenges like searching something inside, how deep you swim, how far you can go, just get rid of your clothes and jumped into sea kinda stuff, he said oh man Indians women are more fun…

I smiled and said, Yes we are.

Actually, every single Indian woman on this beach wants to roam in a bikini and want to explore more and more places, people and destinations.

“Who fuck want to wear t-shirt or top or anything on the beach damn but Indian women”

But we feel insecure in our own country, around our own people, and within our own cities. streets are different in days and night here, the street in the morning yes morning [not even afternoon when most of the door closed and people take nap]. I’ll walk slowly enjoying my ice-cream but in the night or late evening the same street, same me, I will walk very fast or almost run to reach my home and close my door asap.

Desires are trapped somewhere, seems like we are in a cage, people really don’t support bravery in India, they never appreciate if we want to live life in our own way, they really don’t believe in taking a risk, the actual struggle starts from home and society.

But now things are changing , its peak , we are unable to breath and its time to break all cages, cross all boundaries of lie and be a wandered, be a free-soul, be-you because I believe, I can fly so I am.

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