These 5 things you are searching everywhere and from everyone

1. Appreciate to be appreciated

You posted a picture of your recent trip on some social network or you wrote a blog about your experience or participated in any social work. expecting likes, reactions, and comments from unknowns or known on your activities, fair enough. your post is beautiful, with catchy caption and awesome creativity. but for that, you must have a habit of appreciation of good work, an initiative, a step and respect of talent/art from your side too. irrespective of anything.

Don’t forget to appreciate anyone if you really like anything about him/her.

some of the small thing you can appreciate around :

  • Clothes, dressing sense, attire.
  • Some quality about his/her nature like punctuality, helping, caring.

2. Supportive to be supported

People in search of support, they have the courage to do everything and anything, but they need a push, a support from someone, so the fear can vanish and they can focus on achieving the actual thing, to get support you must be supportive too, support of any-type physically, mentally, financially even positive vibes and belief works.

Hey, I am just looking for some support here nothing else

3. Be an Inspiration to get Inspired

Are you the one who shares so many blogs about achievements, a story about the struggle for success, posts about positive things, self-improvement and a daily dose of inspiration on a social network. so here is the thing your sharing and reading will not work until you really follow the same and get inspired by all those blogs, people and started moving towards your own passion. always start with yourself and prove to yourself first.

Make yourself inseparable

4. Love to be loved

everybody needs love either it is a small boy of class 2nd or guy of age 65 roaming in a wheel-chair, everyone needs love because it’s a basic need of the heart, everyone deserves love either he is criminal, indulge in some bad work, or a social worker. so spread love to get loved by your surrounding.we can win anything and anyone from love, I repeat anyone.

Love is a thing which connects

5. Positive you

You are sharing your idea to your friend about something, may be he is just a casual friend, and he doesn’t show any positive response about that instead of that he counts you all the problems but if you believe in your idea and need some positive response so move on to some other person, life is still balance just because there is equal participation of positive and negative people, be a positive participation to get more positivity around.

Positivity is the only thing which motivate you to move forward and never look back

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