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Path of Determination

“If we have reason to achieve something, our willingness for it increases”

Rhea also found reason for her determination which she was planning from last six months yeah that “She will start running in the morning”, that means she has to wake up early in the morning, that also means she will have to sleep early at night, that also means she will have to sacrifice all her bachelor’s etiquette like late night movies, unplanned parties, lying in bed doing nothing, thinking about future like how she will look or where she will be after 20 years and many more irrelevant thoughts

But today from morning she was very firm about her so-called “path of determination” as she found the reason for it and the reason was a trip, a trip she was planning for a long time, Travel was one of the things from her long list of deep desires, She wants to try beaches this time.

The trip was planned for 22nd of next month.

Traveling for her was like a free bird, open wings, following some unknown path, unplanned adventures and most important entirely you.

All bookings were already done and the only thing left was Shopping, Yeah shopping for the trip, what she gonna wear, dresses, accessories, glasses, footwear as per place and comfort.

She used to list down attire for each day so she can invest more time in exploring instead of what to wear and what not.

She started browsing some online shopping websites so things can get delivered on time, and after an hour of browsing she observed that

Whatever dress she liked their sizes does not fit her, she flipped off her laptop and closed her eyes, all the thoughts of determination started floating in her mind. She imagined the walls of her room “Inscribed with inspiring thoughts”.

No place was left even the corners were decorated with hanging quotes written on handmade wind chimes.

She glanced at the running girl on a poster and a quote written in her own handwriting “From Tomorrow”

And she really doesn’t remember about which tomorrow.

She started thinking and she recalled that during health checkup in Office, she was overweight by 3 kg of her ideal weight.

Flashback started running in front of her eyes, that day while she was returning from the office she took all the colored printouts of inspirational quotes on running, after reaching home she put posters all around her room, then she installed some fitness freak apps on her phone, next she started searching for her running accessories.

It was already 10 pm so she thought it’s good to sleep early tonight.

She kept all things ready, an alarm is set to 5:45 am as maybe she needs extra 15 minutes according to wake up tradition “15 minutes more”

And next 2 hours just passed into twisting and turning.

The very next day when she really wakes up it is already 8 am in her wall clock, it seems she has woken up from some deep slumber, she picked her phone to know about what happened to damn alarm, but it was already snoozed off.

She hurriedly got ready for office, after reaching office she pasted all remaining posters on her cubicle thinking that tomorrow definitely she will wake up.

The days kept passing as usual and sometimes she was so tired from office that she forget to set alarms, sometimes she just wakes up looks around and again buries her face in bed, sometimes she wait for round figure dates as she used to postpone things just due to round figure swag, she was following the same from all her life that its 7:45 she will take break of 15 minutes and will start studying with fresh mood but that 15 minutes always turned into next morning.

Now the quotes all around really don’t inspire her and she totally forgets about her determination about running.

Coming back from her thoughts she realized that six-month has already been passed and she did nothing and now only one month left for Trip.

She saw the wall clock it’s already 9 pm.

She picked her phone, set an alarm for 6 am neither 5:45 nor 6:15, it was 6. Then she ordered all those dresses which she liked and that too of one size smaller.

She kept t-shirt, track pants and running shoe beside her bed, she stroked all “From Tomorrow” quotes to simply “RUN” and promised herself that she will wake up on a very first alarm and without thinking anything she will just RUN.

And from that day onward she started waking up on a very first alarm and without much ado, she just gets onto RUNNING Track, now it becomes her habit and she doesn’t need the alarm anymore.

It is said that if you want to bring anything into a habit you have to practice it for complete 21 days without any fail.

After six months

She was scanning some pictures and suddenly one picture comes in between from “path of determination”

How beautiful and fit she was looking, the spark in her eyes, energy in her arms and glimpse of determination was shining on her face like a sunflower.