Sample Resume for a travel blogger

Before drafting Resume for travel blogger think about your website what pages, headings, titles it should contain and in the same way you can start your resume, also you can check sites of various travel blogger to get some ideas.

Below I tried to write what resume of travel blogger should contain.

About Yourself?

This block should include General information about yourself, your professional life and you can also include your love for travel.

Why you choose Traveling or Traveling chosen you/ Your First travel experience /When you started Traveling?

Choose any of the above title or each title separately if you have content to tell about it.

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

This block should tell about which kind of places, activities, and adventures you like and mostly do, your achievements and stories about it.

First solo travel, if any?

This section is optional.

How much you traveled so far?

This block should contain all your trips so far and if you wrote about it that will add an advantage.

What is still lying in your bucket list/ bucket list 2018?

Its good to create your bucket list and travel goals for every year, mention name of places you will visit in near future or you are planning to.

How social are you?

Here you can share all the links to your social profiles and especially your work related to travel, how active you are and your feature work.

Other than traveling :

This block is optional if you have anything to share you can add here.


Hope so it will help to draft your first resume as a travel blogger, also if you have something to add, please mention in comments.