Passion is not just a word!

its a strong feeling about something or someone.

its an emotion of doing something, putting all your effort.

it’s a dream, which you are seeing from your entire life and will see later on too, if you did not take any step towards it.

it’s an imagination which you don’t want to imagine anymore. you want to do it. right here, right now.

it’s a energy you want to put on, don’t starve yourself.

it’s your lifelong achievement, you want to proud on.

its a badge, with which you want to groom yourself.

it’s a reason to tap your back and hats off while seeing mirror.

it’s your 7 digit salary for which you are running all your life.

it’s a doing something, ignoring everyone and everything which comes in between.

it’s your princess/king for which you fight in childhood video games.

it’s a witness of your bravery.

it will be a regret if you die before fulfilling it.

it will be the big loss if you don’t even try for it.

it’s your passion, move forward.

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