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Kerala Road Trip | God’s Own Country | Daywise Itinerary | Things To Do, Where To Stay

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country and Indeed it is, it has that vibe, Tall Coconut Trees, Plenty Of Flora Fauna, Banan Fields, Spices, Rich In History, Culture, Zero Plastic Consumption and What Not, This was my second trip to Kerala along with my 3 friends from Bangalore to Bangalore on a self-drive car booked from @vroom

One can start their Kerala Trip From Kochi Too, Kochi you can reach by Air/Train and you can book Vehicle from there from any local vendor that will be quite cheap instead of booking from any brand like zoom/vroom.

Vehicle: Ford Ecosport, Cost: 4000 Per Day Including Petrol

While Roadtriping you never know the actual plans because it all depends on where you reaching at what time so better to book hotels and all in run time if you are not sure.

Route We Followed for Kerala Roadtrip:

Bangalore – Mysore – Wayanad – Guruvayoor – Kochi – Alleppey – Coimbatore – Bangalore

Season: Best Season To explore the south is in September-March, while Wayanad had pleasant seasons all around the year except June-July with heavy rainfall. Wayanad is rain prone zone and you will find rain there almost every season, do you believe we did this trip in April and by luck, we find pleasant weather in all the places even at Alleppey?


Bangalore – 150Km – Mysore

3 states
4 Friends
6 places
8 Days
1500 Km Of Planned – Unplanned Roadtrip
States We Crossed are Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu

Mysore was the first Stop, exploring the iconic Mysore Palace, Night Life, Shopping, and Food.

It’s a good place to explore solo or in a group
One can do a trip at a very reasonable price like 2000/- or even less.

Where To Stay in Mysore:
FabHotels Anurag Inn
Location: Chamarajapura
Booked Family Room from @fabhotels app
Got discount and rewards points for your next booking, Download FabHotels app using
ghum10” as a reference id.

Hostel In Mysore:
1. Zostel, Mysore
2. Roamway, Mysore

Things to Do In Mysore:
1. Mysore Palace – 3 Hours Required
Timing: 10 -5.30pm, Ticket: 70/- Adult
Location: Chamarajapura
2. Must Try Mysore Paak and Mysore Dosa
3. Buy Sandal, Mysore Silk Sarees, and Other Sandal Products
From Authentic Govt. Shop

4. St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church – Ultimate Architecture
5. Witness Sunday Lighting at Mysore Palace
6. Explore the city vibes around Mysore palace, local eateries
7. Explore by walk/take tanga/ book Karnataka tourism double-decker bus
8. Explore Gupha Restaurant to enjoy the nightlife in Mysore, uniquely cave design restaurant, good taste, and reasonable

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How To Explore Locally In Mysore:
Walk/Taanga/Auto/@karnatkatourism Bus

#Day2 and #Day3


Mysore – 130Km – Wayanad

Route Till Now:
Banglore – Mysore – Bandipur National Park – Wayanad…..

We reached Wayanad around 5 pm, Kalpetta is the main town here where you can take a break for food, all happenings, shopping, Liquor shops, Veg meals are at Kalpetta, better to take hotels near Kalpetta.

We took a break at the burger lounge and Panchito Cafe
These two good places to eat at Kalpetta, Wayanad

One can also take a one-day break at Bandipur National park or Madhumalai Tiger Reserve

Hostel At Wayanad:
1. Thavalam – Solo Backpacker Hostel
Checkout Place in Reels @thavalam_thehideoutspot
2. Zostel – Zostel at Wayanad is an ultimate location worth staying one night here @brahmagiri_zostelhomes

We stayed at Thavalam Hostel and the next day we stayed at Zostel.

Things To Do In Wayanad:
1. Thirunelly Temple
2. Edakkal caves
3. Kandi 900 ( glaas Bridge, Giant Swing)
4. Pookode lake
5. Soochipara Waterfalls
6. 1980’s nostalgia, kalpetta
7. Chembra Peak
8. Zip Line Across Tea Gardens
9. Banasur Dam
10. Tribal Village

Wayanad can be explored in two days but Wayanad has so many hidden places, so many small treks which end at breathtaking views and so many amazing sunsets/sunrise and cloud above points.

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The next day we are so pleased our friend and rising actress @navami_gayak came to meet us, we are friends from our last trek to the valley of flowers and our friendship continues…💚

When you go on a road trip, the trip itself becomes the story.

Zostel, Wayanad Complete Review, Please Subscribe 💚

In South India, Zostel is available at Mysore, Munnar, Alleppey, Kochi, Vagomon, Varkala, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coorg, and Wayanad.

Amazing Location, Comfortable, Spacious, Clean Rooms and Dorms are available at all Zostel, most of the time you will find them sold out, so book in advance !!

Private Room: 3000*
Dorm: 899*

– Zostel Wayanad Location Is Super Awesome, surrounded by Tea Gardens
With Swing and Hut Where You Can Work too with awesome mountain view
– Chembra Peak To Explore Nearby
– Many Common Spaces To Chill Out, Board Games
– Always Full Of Solo travelers good To Go with a group of friends/Solo
– High-Speed Internet
– Discount on long stay
– If you are staying here you don’t need to go to explore tea gardens separately
– As it’s at its peak you will also experience rain
– Breakfast and Dinner are available on prior notice and will cost you around 100-150 PP
– “Open Kitchen” to cook your own food, Tea is available almost All the time

– Veg and Non-veg Food Available
– People of the same interest and you will get a chance to learn new things
– Hostel will also guide you on how to explore places and everything around
– Separate Smoking/Alcohol Zone

– Prices are quite high as per other hostels
– Prior Booking required
– No kids are allowed in the Dorm
– Every city’s Zostel gives a different experience so read reviews before booking

Book Your Customized Kerala Trip From explorekeralatours, Give My Reference and get some discount, I did my solo trip to offbeat Kerala with Them, and believe me they are awesome and experts in offbeat places so sharing word about them <3

Book from other online hotel booking site or directly on the Zostel website.

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नमस्कारम केरला 🙏


चलिए आज आपको केरला के मथुरा-वृंदावन ले चलते है

आज का दिन इतना सुनहरा होगा पता नहीं था, वायनाड के 1980’s में खाने के बाद हम वहां से निकल गए, कोशिश थी की रात तक कोची पहुंच जाए, लेकिन रोड्ट्रिप में प्लान बदलते देर नहीं लगती और सब कुछ निर्भर करता है की आप कितने समय में कहां होंगे, वैसे कोची तो शुरू से ही मुश्किल लग रहा था तो हमने त्रिसूर में रुकने का सोचा और साथ ही वहां के मंदिर को घूम लेंगे ऐसा तय किया, लेकिन थोड़े रास्ते और चलने के बाद समझ में आया की आज त्रिसूर पहुंचना भी मुश्किल होगा और रात हो जाएगी

तो हमने “गुरुवयूर” में रुकने का सोचा, इसके पहले हमने इस जगह का नाम कभी नहीं सुना था, रास्ते में बारिश शुरू हो गई और हमने ऑनलाइन ही गोकुलम नाम का एक होटल बुक कर लिया, जैसे ही हम एरिया में पहुंचे हर जगह का नाम किसी हिंदू नाम से जुड़ था जैसे की अयोध्या, गणेश, कृष्णा और हमारा खुद का होटल गोकुलम

हर किसी को सुबह का इंतजार था, होटल वाले ने बताया यहां पास एक मंदिर है लेकिन उसके लिए आपको वेश भूषा यहां की पहननी होगी

हम मंदिर के रास्ते पहुंच गए, और वहीं लगी दुकान से लड़को के लिए लूंगी और खुद के लिए दक्षिण भारत की परंपरागत सारी ले ली, हालाकि लड़कियां सलवार कमीज में भी जा सकती है पर लड़को का लूंगी पहनना अनिवार्य है

हम उस दुकान में गए जहां एक महिला ज्योति जी से हमने सारी ली, रेडीमेड ब्लाउज और जींस के ऊपर ही सारी बांध ली, ज्योति जी ने बगल कि दुकान से बात करके हमें वहां पीछे सारी पहना दी फिर क्या था पास से मैने गजरा ले लिया
और माथे पर बिंदी सजाकर, मैं और मेरे दोस्त लूंगी उठाकर मंदिर कि ओर चल दिए

मंदिर के अंदर मोबाइल ले जाना माना है, ये केरला का पहला मंदिर था जो मैने देखा, ये था “गुरुवयुर का श्री कृष्णा मंदिर”
मंदिर को मलयालम में “अम्बलम” कहते है

इस मन्दिर को घूमने और यहां के रंग में रंग जाने के बाद अब लगा की हम दक्षिण भारत में है और दक्षिण भारत का रोमांचक सफर शुरू हो गया

More Videos and Pictures On:

Instagram: Ghumakkad_bandi
YouTube: Anjali Indurkhya

#Day4 Part-2

गुरुवयुर, केरला

गुरुवायुर का ये दिन बहुत सुंदर था
सुबह श्री कृष्ण टेंपल, फिर चवक्कड़ बीच, मरीन लाइफ और एलिफेंट कैंप.

साउथ का पूरा अनुभव, यहां पर आप हाथियों के क्रियाकलाप को बहुत करीब से देख सकते है
वो कैसे रहते है, महावत उनका ध्यान कैसे रखते है
हर एक हाथी के पास उसका एक महावत है और उन दोनो को आपसी दोस्ती बहुत खूब देखने को मिलती है.
धन्य है वो महावत और उनका सेवा कर्म 🙏

गुरुवयुर को अपनी केरला की ट्रिप में शामिल करे
और दक्षिण भारत की संस्कृति का लुफ्त उठाए

“Guruvayur” is a beautiful town to add to your Kerala Itinerary, Complete South India Feel

Things To Do In Guruvayur:

1. Shree Krishna Temple
2. Chavakkad Beach
3. Marine Park
4. Elephant Orphanage
5. Beach Near Marine Park


Kochi is the main city of Kerala from where you can start your Kerala Trip ✨

In Kochi Fort Kochi is the main area where you will find all city vibes, happenings, things to do around, cafes, shopping, the sea, nightlife, and everything so choose to stay at Fort Kochi.

From Guruvayoor we reached Kochi around sunset, enjoyed the sunset at Marine Drive, and Checked in to Ross Inn Hotel at Fort Kochi

We had dinner at Sea Gull Restaurant
And Was super ready for the next day’s morning walk to Kochi Streets.

Kochi is a blend of Dutch, Portuguese, British, and Kerala Culture, You will find its streets and vibes similar to Panjim Goa and Pondicherry.

White Walls, Big Churches, and Many Urban cafes, Even a Panipuri Stall Was Blending With Culture

Things To Do at Fort Kochi:
1. Start your day by watching Chinese Net at Sunrise, Take a long walk till Kochi Beach

2. Then walk to 10+ Places nearby
– Vasco De Gama Square
– St. Francis CSI Church
– Museums

Kochi is full of museums and a Great place to explore for history lovers, one can also opt for the Heritage Walk Of Fort Kochi in the morning

3. Have Breakfast at Kashi Art Café/Many cafes on street eat wherever you like
4. Don’t miss the giant trees on the streets and their long shading branches adding so much nature to Fort Kochi
5. Go to Kerala Kathakali Centre in the evening
6. Try Shirodhara or any Ayurveda therapy at Fort Kochi
7. After exploring Fort Kochi and around go to Jew Town for 2 KM From Fort Kochi
8. Must Visit Mattancherry Palace at Jew Town
9. Shopping and Explore Antique Shops With Café
10. Go to Ginger House Museum at Jew Town, Cafe with View

2 days are good to explore major attractions but there are lot more things that can make your stay a week only at Kochi

#Day5  Part-2

Kochi – 53 KM – Alleppey

After Exploring Jew Town at Fort Kochi We head to Alleppey Beach, Witnessed the Most Beautiful Sunset there, and then had Dinner at @cafecatamaran, Stayed overnight at Baywatch Resort in Infront Of the Beach

In the morning we went to Backwaters and Booked Houseboat From Anugraha Inn Group
One can also book online and from the tourist information center at Finishing Point Of Backwaters 🌊

As we got sometime we visited Mulaakal Town Near By which gives south India a full feel.

We did some mandatory shopping and spent time around south Indian markets and visited the beautiful Rajeswari Temple ✨

Mandate Buy From South India:
1. South Indian Sarees starting from 600 INR
2. Souvenirs – Boats, Fridge Magnets
3. Banana and Jackfruit Hot Chips
4. I bought Veni(garland) From outside Temple and tuck in my hair
5. Lots of small/big shops of spices

After exploring for Around 2 hours we again head to the backwaters as Our Houseboat was waiting for us and vice versa.

#Day6 Part-1

We checked in Alleppey Houseboat Around 2 pm and it started with a Welcome Drink, Endless Backwaters, Coconut Trees, the Sound Of the Boat, and the Smell of Sea ⛵

The houseboat is a one-day thing, you will get all meals, music, views, and the experience of staying overnight around water and tall trees.

It’s a beautiful experience and everyone should try this.

You can also drive a houseboat for some time, Boat Will take a break near any village
Good Veg Meal, View From Window, Two Decker Houseboat With Balcony View

Houseboat Cost Depends on Season as well
This houseboat we booked from Anurag Inn Group Offline at Finishing Point Of Backwaters you will find an office, you will get so many people asking you for the backwaters so don’t worry, also there is a government tourist booking center from there you can book too.

Cost: 9k Per Room, 2 people including all meals.

Check online prices, bargain, and recommend you to go with Anurag Inn Group
As they have good staff, food quality was also good and nice clean rooms.

So this was the last day at Kerala, next day we checkout from Houseboat, and on the way to Coimbatore

Stay tuned – the vlog will be coming soon on YouTube, Do Subscribe to my channel

YouTube: Anjali Indurkhya

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24 Hours In Coimbatore 💚

– Starting From Isha Foundation Visit
– Stay at Stay Inn, Peelamedu
(1 km from airport, 4 km from Station)
– Having Juice at all women running juice shop
Selling Healthy Juice like ABC just outside of Stay Inn Hotel

– On way to Coaimbtore eating at Famous Swarna Bhavan #kaapi #dosa #mangorice

– Shopping for Handmade crafts from nearby shop running by women 💛

Check out all the south India road trip updates with the #southwithgb tag.

Where To Stay In Kerala During Roadtrip:

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