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Journey To Jibhi | An Offbeat Village of Himachal

Jibhi is an offbeat village of Himachal surrounded by Mountains, River running side by side, Happy people and some cool cafes around, a perfect gateway to see the serene beauty of nature.

This was my third solo trip and I choose Jibhi to explore, here I am giving you complete guide so keep Jibhi in your bucket list.


How to Reach:

I started from Pune here I am providing the route from Delhi.

Route 1: Delhi -> Aut -> Banjar -> Jibhi [I follow this one]

Route 2: Delhi -> Mandi -> Banjar -> Jibhi

Quick tips before booking:

1. Always Prefer HRTC buses over any other buses, they are best in this route without doubt.

2. Any bus going to Manali will pass from Aut and Mandi, one can hire a direct taxi to Aut in 1500/- to Jibhi.

3. You can also take a break on Mandi and explore Prashar Lake nearby, and next day start for Jibhi

4. Local transport and Taxi are available so do not need to worry. Public transport is cheap and also you will enjoy the beautiful way along with hustle bustle of locals.

5. The best time depends on what you are looking for but if you want fresh snow and want to spot snow fall so choose winter, late December to January.

6. 4 days are ideal to see major attraction and also one can spent a long week there.

7. Every attraction Jibhi is in different direction so you can cover only one place in a day and that is before sunset, after that one can enjoy evening at cafes around.

I reached around 7 am to Aut, the temp was down it was so cold, I asked around from where I will get bus to Jibhi they said go to Banjar and from there to Jibhi, I waited for bus enjoying my Tea and view of Mountains and bus came, reached to Banjar in 1 hour I guess and from Banjar the bus was around 10, I took my breakfast talk to locals and observe around. you can direct taxi in 300 from Banjar to Jibhi But I waited for bus and Reached Jibhi in just rupees 10. while traveling don’t be in so much hurry have patient to wait and in meantime observe around, interact with local and admire the beauty.

Where to stay:

Jibhi Heaven: Comfort of Hotel, Feel of Home-stay

I stayed at Jibhi Heaven, after looking to some places I choose this one and as I was on my solo trip so looking for some safe place.

jibhi heaven rooms
jibhi heaven rooms
jibhi heaven rooms
jibhi heaven rooms

breakfast at jibhi heaven

Tarun is a host at Jibhi Heaven.

Beautiful Comfortable, Wooden, Clean Rooms public bus will drop you very nearby. The view of mountains from room’s balcony is soothing to eyes.

Along with that kitchen available you can cook your own food, enjoy the weather of Himachal at Jibhi heaven with beautiful rooms, home made food, some DIY activities, Bonfire and events.

Sightseeing can also book from here, He also arrange Camping and Trekking so you can talk to him about this too.

You can rent a bullet to explore nearby places, also explore some offbeat destinations with Tarun. as I was Solo, Tarun become my guide and we explored all the places on bullet (beautiful roads of mountains on bike) and he also let me know so many things about the places and he is good in photography too.

How to book:

You can book Jibhi Heaven from Airbnb, MMT, Site( or directly by call [+91-9625106862] , I stayed here for five days and I enjoyed each and everyday from my stay to surroundings to food to mountains to weather and to these great, simple and caring people.

Connect with Jibhi_Heaven on Instagram and Facebook.

Things to do:

You can never say how many days are good to see any place, it totally on you sometime two days are enough sometime a long month can be less, still 4 days are ideal to explore all the places.


1. Jibhi Waterfall

Today I was late, so went to waterfall by walk, so many people on the way talked and passed smile.

A small waterfall in the town with small wooden bridges make place attractive, a river running in town and bridges around.

one day can be well spent in exploring local and around. few shops selling traditional stuff.

jibhi waterfall


2. Bahu

its a beautiful village around 7 km from Jibhi and the way was more beautiful, mountains roads, bullet, cold and scenic views what else you want, vehicle will go up to some extent after that you have to do little trek to reach temple surrounded by dense forest of Devdar tress, and pin drop silent.

himachal pradesh
himachal pradesh
himachal pradesh
temple at bahu

one can spent a day here doing camping and just chilling reading book around nature, drawing or listening to favorite music.


3. Jalori pass & Serolsar lake

This place was so beautiful as I never seen fresh snow all around and trees, mountains and all covered with snow, white and green what a great combination, this place left me speechless, because I don’t imagined it this beautiful, vehicle go up to Jalori pass after that you have to trek 5 km to reach the Serolsar lake [the lake was frozen and fresh snow all around to play, to fall and to enjoy]and that is worth to walk and way was so scenic and snow all around, a temple, a dhaba and white snow all around. [Dhaba can serve hot Maggi, rajma chawal, khadi chawal and chai], rest my pics will speak.

jalori pass
jalori pass
jalori pass
jalori pass
jalori pass


1. Public transport also go up to Jalori all you need to take care of timings, you can also camp at Jalori and temple stay is also there, but better to book vehicle so you can completely enjoy the place without any timings.

2. Wear bright colors in snow for better photography.


4. Chenni Kothi

This large fortified tower with a temple inside was built of wood & stone around the 17th century. locals stay all around one can interact with them , also way to reach here is so beautiful.


You can skip this one if running out of time and explore
Raghupur [360 view of Kullu district] instead.

I went in December so after 4 pm its too cold to stay outside, I spent my evenings getting cozy in beds with my favorite book, soup and music.

the best time spent with yourself, to think about future and understanding yourself and more.

More Places:

5. Raghupur [360 view of Kullu district]

6. Mandi [Can explore Prashar lake]

7. Tandi [Near by Village]

8. Sojha [Near by Village]

On the 5th day I departed for Magical Kasol,  Plan this trip with me for 3D | 2N in just 9,999 INR PP.

Plan this trip, DM for more details

Destinations: The GHNP, Jalori Pass and Tirthan Valley

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