Honeymoon Alert ! Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar is among the many places in India to enjoy your honeymoon, A island of blue and green beaches, Pristine, Peace, and flawless these beaches sure will give you a glimpse of foreign land. I will suggest try Andaman for your craving of beaches. Finest beaches in India.

Watch a quick vlog to explore Andaman and Nicobar


Traveling is the best thing to do with your partner. traveling is a complete package to know them better, it will give you lots of situations and things to handle where you can know someone’s mood swings, how they handle the situation, the maturity level and how fun-loving they are, their like dislikes, which places, food and things they enjoy more, handling some weird situation together because now you guys are partners and going to live your whole life together. I always suggest traveling often with your partner to strengthen your bond of togetherness.

So, Explore the beaches of Andaman, taking hand in hand. follow the below guidelines and you can explore in your own way. Andaman is easy, all you need to do is book your flights, hotels, and ship in advance.

Budget: 50k+ for the couple with luxury

Before You Go, Know:

          1. Plan your days in advance, 5N/6D is an ideal plan to cover Port Blair, Havelock and Neil island.
          2. Perfect Season is from October to Early March, we went in mid-march
          3. Plan your days for Port Blair, Andaman, and Niel island in advance and book your Jetty online, book a government jetty as it makes no difference with private and book economic seats as after 10 minutes everyone can access the same area of Ship staring at the sea.
          4. Scuba is best at Havelock and Neil Island, we did at Nemo Beach, Havelock
          5. While coming from Jetty at Havelock, book your scuba tickets for the next day.


How To Reach:

By Flight: The only airport is Port Blair, Which is directly connected to the major cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi. Better to reach any railway station via train and then take a flight up to Port Blair.

By Ship: You can take a passenger ship that heads out to Port Blair from Chennai (60 hours), Kolkata (66 hours), and Visakhapatnam (56 hours). Tickets can be booked at the office of the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).

After reaching to Port Blair we reached our hotel by prepaid taxi booking, all the places in Port Blair are near and can easily be explored through auto and cabs and its cheap.

Sharing one of the auto driver’s number here, who helped us a lot (9424723953), can book him for local sight seen at Port Blair.

Hotel: Coral Cove, PORT BLAIR

Beautiful hotel near the airport, with luxurious bathrooms and bedding. Liquor allowed only in the room, not in its restaurants. Tea is a must try thing here :p, don’t miss the delicious food.

Tips: In any hotel always order one cup of tea for two as its quantity is always enough for two.

Day 1: Port Blair

Chidiya Tapu: We started our day with Chidiya Tapu, 10 km from the city can be reached by auto, beautiful blue beach with old white tress, beautiful location for pictures, movie shoot, and if you trek little you will be able to see a lovely view of the sea, our driver shows us the way to reach the peak, and the view from there was mindblowing.




Cellular Jail: The Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani, was a colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, all history is saved in the form of exhibitions, long prisons and beautiful architecture, the view of the sea from its peak was also so beautiful. if you are running out of time you can skip this one.



Carbyn’s Cove Beach: Bluewater beach with water sports, coconut trees around with some small shops, cafes, and a crowd. good to spend an evening before moving to Aberdeen Bazaar.



Aberdeen Bazaar: This is a local market, best to buy souvenirs, and to look around the city’s culture, attire, language, and lifestyle.

We booked our private jetty for Next day of economical seats to Havelock, as all governments were already full. It was a journey of around 3 hours from Port Blair, Enjoy ship ride with music, snacks, and sea.

Liquor: Port Blair have only two liquor shop with the crowd in line as there is no liquor shop in Havelock so if you want booze in Havelock better to take it from here, in Havelock most of the restaurants don’t serve liquor or on very high price or only at your room. Havelock beaches are not like Goa with shacks, booze, and nightlife, all beached gets closed in the night all you can explore are cafes around and hippie places. some restaurants serve liquor but all you need to ask and just moving around to know which one is serving and which one is not. better to take your own carat :P, so now we sorted booze thing lets move to Havelock.

Day 2: Havelock Island


Lots of budget hotels nearby and in the market area, We did advance booking here.

Hotel: Havelock Island Beach Resort, HAVELOCK

Walking distance from the jetty port, at jetty port book your tickets for Scuba for Nemo beach which is a private beach of this hotel.



Its a lovely tree house kind of wooden hotels with small pool, open cafes in large space for night party and couple dates, private beach, huge area.

A private beach is so calm if you want to relax and don’t want to go anywhere just beware of mosquitoes.

Food is very Yum of this hotel, liquor served in a room with service charges, every time you order anything bill includes its service charges too. Couple date package is so costly and didn’t find worthy. their complimentary breakfast was so awesome book your hotel with it, 10+ variety of food served in buffet style. everything was good in this hotel except service charges for room service.

You can hire a moped to travel locally in 500 rs including petrol, all beaches are within 5 km or less so moped is a good idea.

Scuba Diving: Andaman is best to do Scuba Diving in India, Once in a lifetime experience, Clean and Clear-water, an instructor will swim with you nothing to fear, he will give a small training of signs and around before underwater, nothing to worry, scuba is less adventure but more beautiful activity to see sea’s flora, fauna and lives, so many colorful fish including the Nemo fish. a beautiful experience of around 30 minutes and to be remembered for lifetime, they will shoot video and few pics, don’t miss it.



Watch a complete video of Scuba Diving

Kala Patthar Beach: The way is so beautiful to reach this beach, on the way to reach this, will give you a glimpse of blue and green water and your heart will start Pumping to reach there, coconut water and some other shops around, changing room available. less crowded, peace and pretty beach.


Radha Nagar Beach: This is some different beach other than all Andaman beaches, long beach with most of the crowd, enjoy sunset and sound of waves.

Souvenirs shops around, in Andaman no many street lights better to start early and covering both the beaches in daylight.

Day 3: Havelock Island

Elephanta Beach: This is what I called the most beautiful beach in Andaman or my favorite, the beach is open till 3 pm. you can go up to some point via moped and then you have to trek, trek from beautiful dense jungle, and after Jungle you will feel you reach to another world, you can take a guide if you want.If you can not trek one another way to reach via ship. but if you can I will suggest you to choose trekking.



After crossing jungle, Ruined white trees, scattered all around, old and very old trees, seems like some storm came last night and ruined everything somewhat Game Of Thrones ** location, and then a glimpse of the beach, WOW.


This is the most happening beach, all water sports, changing room, sea walking, and other activities. take your bed-sheet, book, sunscreen, glasses, water bottles and enjoy. so many foreigners chilling, search your own space and this is where you will see the real Andaman which you keep looking in pictures from all your life.

Tip: Yes, Bikini can be worn here, ladies :), Andaman is a safe place. Beaches are incomplete without bikinis so always have one while going to beaches 😛

From Havelock, you can go to Neil island. we were running out of time so we skipped.

Next day we return to Port Blair and then flight to Chennai.

As we had halted in Chennai for 5 hours so we explored this nearby, Elliot’s beach, the beach was full of crowd and happenings, this beach has its own beauty. it’s in a very posh area of the city, full of eateries and food chains.

End of Blog tips:

    1. Andaman is First on the list from best Honeymoon destinations in India, can say Maldives of India.


    1. Apart From Flight and Hotel, the island is not that costly


    1. No expensive shopping.


    1. Can easily get both veg and non-veg food with good taste


  1. Clean, Safe and Good place, people are warm and welcoming


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