To, Women

On this women’s day

A humble request to please create a better world for present and future women

We all women keep complaining about all the struggle we face in day to day life, we keep insisting on how tough is our life, how this society is unfair to us

All is true no doubt, but we are the creators as lessons start from mother(A woman) why don’t we raise our kids unbiased why we keep difference and gaps, we are the one who grows the seeds of difference to our kids.

why we create so many rules for ourselves when you are in power why don’t we change it, why we make so many rules and later on trapped on the same.

There are lots to say so, I am briefing it in points so maybe I will convey better and you will understand…

  1. Raise your kids unbiased, every boy should know how to cook (and other household works) and every girl should know how to do Bank/market/office/electricity and other outside things.

and also every time when mother got sick, we don’t need to order food from outside, or from neighbors, just taught them basic cooking at least it will help you most and same when father is out of station or busy, a woman will able to do outside courses and to balance it we have to teach them from day one.

so you will be tension free when they will go to a hostel or out of home, they will eat well, they will save money, less sick and you will be stress-free.

2. We all want our husband to help us in Kitchen so it’s pretty obvious that your daughter-in-law wishing for the same but if you don’t teach it to your boy he will face so many changes/challenges after marriage. saves him from after marriage struggle and raise him the way you want your husband to be.

3. Every time it happens when any guest comes we always ask our daughters to bring snacks or something, never to the boy why? I am not asking to be unfair with boys. I am asking you to fair with both of them and even without mentioning and without make them notice it, unbiased.

every time when any boy cries we say don’t cry as girls do you really understand what does that means? let them cry please, they are human beings.

the cry can make them stress-free!!

4. Don’t keep saying to your girls that you are a girl and you have to do this and that, somehow you are the only one who is going to bent, pass good values to her, make her strong but please don’t make her a boy and vice-versa

Now why we women have so many conflicts among us, why there is always a fight between relationships like mother-in-law/daughter-in-law and so on

The root cause of this is we don’t support each other, we are so jealous of each other’s success, looks, lifestyle and so many things we take part in making fun of us with men (how shameful is this). Stop Please stop !!

5. Before sending your kids to so many classes and making them ready to rock in every field, talk to them, spent time with them and also teach them good values good/bad, respect, the truth about life share your experiences with them, talk to them, know their views, listen to them, know about there schools and have some we time, please.

6. When mother-in-law/any woman is in power or you able to take action on something please change the old rules, why don’t we made it easy for us, the world is changing so we are, don’t trap yourself in those old rituals which makes happy to no one, just wipe them like they never were. to all other women, you can always protest.

and about everything which is not fruitful anymore, It will take time but we have to start now so our daughters will live in a better world.

And after all these thoughts, I want to share something which helps you to pamper yourself and taking care of yourself.

1. Don’t take each and every responsibility on your head, Be a leader(Because you are born leader, every woman has a leadership quality) and divide the work equally among all the family members make yourself free for some time and also keep some time for yourself only, to your hobbies, to your interest, to you only.

2. Love yourself, you should not only the one who will make sacrifices/Compromises every time either it is going to somewhere, food habits, clothing, timings or anything. don’t always ready for sacrifice and learn to say no when required otherwise you will be the only victim and the rest of all don’t care even your family will take you for granted for compromises/sacrifices.

3. Don’t give chance to anyone to say that you do nothing, every time and whoever said this take action(and stop doing anything, make them realize your worth/your role behind there comfort) and reply them also if it’s your closed ones like your husband or in-laws or anyone, especially housewives might be hearing this so often you don’t need to felt guilty just because your work is got giving money because the things which you doing money can not buy so feel proud to be an Artist.

That’s all, which I want to convey for a long time and no great chance to share on our day.

Start doing this and you will see more energy, more power, and great improvement in your life.

#HappyInternationalWomen’sDay #keepRocking #womenaremagic

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Anjali Indurkhya, ghumakkad_bandi


Anjali Indurkhya, ghumakkad_bandi

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