No Apologies.

What about living a guilt-free life

what about forgetting all the mistakes you have done in past

what about no regrets, no apologies, no sorry

yes we did lots of mistakes, we cheated, we betrayed

we broke hearts, sometimes we mistreated people

sometimes we over-hope people, sometimes we gave them wrong signals unknowingly

sometimes we over-help people and later we irritated for doing that

sometimes we took very bad decision about our love, life, and career

sometimes we don’t think about ourselves and later we regretted not doing that

sometimes we over-trust, sometimes we follow the things we never wanted to do just for the sake of fashion or trend

sometimes we try to be the one we never wanted to

sometimes we just wanted to follow the thing we never belong

sometimes we ignore our passion just for the sake of others

sometimes we sacrifice and sacrifice a lot

sometimes we dishonest, sometimes our honesty was a big mistake

sometimes we did all the crap and lame things

sometimes we blame others for our happiness and that is not possible

sometimes we behave so stupid, so dumb, so lazy and completely nonsense

sometimes we behaved so casually, sometimes we were so unconscious

sometimes we play selfish, yes we did all the things.

but we faced all the above things just because we tried and that is life.

so free yourself from all the sorry, sorrows, regrets and sadness and live a guilt-free life

guilty free you.