Yes | NO

Yes and no two words exist so, what about balancing them say yes to all those things which you really want to do saying no to everything which you never want to do say no to all those things which diverting you to achieve your yes say no to all those things which are coming… Read More Yes | NO



Passion is not just a word! its a strong feeling about something or someone. its an emotion of doing something, putting all your effort. it’s a dream, which you are seeing from your entire life and will see later on too, if you did not take any step towards it. it’s an imagination which you don’t… Read More Passion

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Path of Determination

“If we have reason to achieve something, our willingness for it increases” Rhea also found reason for her determination which she was planning from last six months yeah that “She will start running in the morning”, that means she has to wake up early in the morning, that also means she will have to sleep… Read More Path of Determination


These 5 things you are searching everywhere and from everyone

1. Appreciate to be appreciated You posted a picture of your recent trip on some social network or you wrote a blog about your experience or participated in any social work. expecting likes, reactions, and comments from unknowns or known on your activities, fair enough. your post is beautiful, with catchy caption and awesome creativity.… Read More These 5 things you are searching everywhere and from everyone