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Attention !!!

Bloggers, vloggers, content writer, writers, video maker, promoters, influencer, social media managers, digital marketers, you-tubers  and so on..

Here I came across an awesome tool to convert your blog into beautiful video in minutes and its free.

This is an awesome concept to create a video in a few minutes,  you can edit your text, select the theme, change media as per your purpose, and promote your product in a better way.

Before creating your first video you should aware of the fact that why videos are important for
your brand and content.

Why Videos:


Follow below steps to create your first video with Recast:

  1. Go to, Install Chrome extension
  2. Go to your blog page
  3. Click on recast extension icon
  4. Login and create video with recast

Wait for few minutes and Boom your Video is here.

PS: Above video is made with Recast.



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