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Here I came across an awesome tool to convert your content, thoughts, ideas, and blogs into beautiful video in minutes and its free.

This tool is so flexible and gives you the freedom to apply your creativity, I am a travel blogger and created so many videos for my travel logs with this, I find its editor extremely easy and flexible.

You can easily style your text, can use your own media and fonts, can apply overlays, transitions, multilingual support and so many other features.

Follow the below steps to create your first video with Recast:

  1. Go to and Sign up
  2. Go to Dashboard
Recast dashboard

3. Now you can see three option on dashboard, You can create video from URL, from Text, from scratch and can use readymade templates too, you can also add chrome extension directly to your browser to convert your blogs into beautiful videos with the full control of editor.

Let’s try the first video from URL:

You can simply Paste your blog URL here, and here I am allowing Recast to automatically select images for my scenes, click on continue.

Recast will automatically generate a summary of your blog.

Here you will find all your blog content at the left side and summary at the right side, simply edit your content as per need, anyways you can do it later on.

Select a Template for your video

Here is the list of templates ready to choose from, you can also select video format like Landscape, portrait or square (Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Youtube Videos) as per your requirement, I am selecting landscape for my Youtube Channel.

Now you landed at the full-fledged editor, any changes you want to make you can do it here with lots of option for text, media, animations, overlay, and transition, once you are ready your content you can preview it and also you can preview each slide and adjust your text timing individually. once you render your video you will get an email with a download link.

Wait for few minutes and Boom your Video is here.

Honeymoon Alert! Andaman & Nicobar

So this is how I created such an awesome video from my blog, you can try video from scratch and can immensely increase your engagements on social media.

Stay Tuned with @ghumakkad_bandi

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