9 days of Fast | A Journey of Detoxification

It was a usual day of office, I was used to taking walk after my lunch
while walking I scroll my phone list to call some missed calls, mostly by family and friends and yes of course “insurance companies”, I called my elder sister cum calendar for me, she always reminds me about the upcoming fest and leaves.
As we know India is a country of festivals each month some festivals are there…..and we found reason …
To celebrate
To be religious
To interact
To be dressed

and yes, of course, lots of food with so many different pakvaans so-called “this festival specialty snack” !!
A very famous festival called “NAVRATRI” precisely called as Chaitra Navratri according to Hindu calendar, worshiping of the goddess “Maa Durga” for nine days celebrated in India with full energy and joy………Gujarat’s Garba and Kolkata’s Durga Pooja have different level of Celebrations.
Navratri happens twice in a year and both the time its different way to celebrate but the thing which is common is 9 days of fast.

My sister told me that she’ll be having fast on the first day and every next odd day,as I am not very much inclined towards fasting but just for the sake of my “on the way” upcoming tummy, I found it’s a good idea to have fast on odd days and I decided to fast, I don’t even remember which was my last “no-food-today” day.

All decided, @ 11:40 just before the night of my fasting, as after 12 p.m. I can not have anything so I decided to have something very fast …I had a glass of milk by looking at the time cigarette packet was lying near….then I thought can we smoke in fast and I was literally about to Google it, but without wasting any time I just took some drags………………
a clock ticks 12 and the fast starts…
I decide to take both the time fruits only
I packed my lunch with fruits and a can of milk
as soon as I reached office my stomach start calling for something as I had only Tea since morning… I gulp some water from a bottle and to avoid my stomach call just started working …

the morning passed and here is the time where the clock ticks 1 p.m. it’s lunchtime oh my god I was damn hungry to have anything as fast as possible even without chewing …
and The FINAL call from stomach….sounds somewhat “gud-gud-gud-gud”
then I open my lunch box with full of fruits
when I took the first bite I realized how tasty this fruit is and I realized here what hunger exactly means, it is the same fruit which I don’t like much and maybe having it after a long time.
The first realization…
then I took each bite very calmly, very slowly, even followed ideal counting for chewing,
also not taking the bite even into hand until the mouth’s one finished….these tips I read in
various newspapers and health guidelines but never followed
I don’t even remember when I last ate with

This much hocus focus
This much relaxation
This much yummy

feeling so content as each bite was giving me some energy, the food was limited so I understood the “Respect of food”, Second realization How it is important to take each bite with relax and focused and how to enjoy your meal” I was not talking to anyone on the table, fully concentrated to my limited fruit salad….I found that most of the time I was used to making fun of people, who fully concentrated on their plates without seeing anywhere else and taunt them “look around will not grab a bite from your mouth “ hehe 😛
today I understand all of them Third realization… and why our parents tell us not to talk while eating and how old rules worked here not the just misconception, reason always hidden behind.
after lunch back to work, thank god for that day I was having too much work so easy to ignore my stomach ache…too much work may also work in some way I never thought !!

after reaching home my stomach started refusing my ignorance and demands for whatever will be the possible bites……I start preparing Tea and meanwhile preparing for dinner too…with some fresh fruits and some milkshake.
I poured Tea into mug and sat into chair of my balcony to enjoy my Tea..before that I was just used to take sip from my cup of tea while working or using phone or watching TV or talking on cordless my god I just had one long sip of Tea with my eyes closed and found that who damn prepared this …its tasted damn good so refreshed …I start taking each sip with full focused and my stomach start liking it then I realized it is really the

same tea
same evening

same me …No it was different today I was needy today, I literally want to have while all other days it was just a course after reaching home.
how limited thing pleased us how we lost our interest while we have a huge
Fourth realization of what we are focusing, searching for which kind of peace as just one sip of tea with relaxation was enough to pacify my mind.
no need to do anything else just focusing on whatever you are doing right now as Robin Sharma’s quotes “Put All Your Energy Into One thing”
that day I was satisfied so my stomach is, I worshiped god in peace mode
no hurry
no haste with all focus
and yes I was loving this…now you already know what will happen with dinner and I was dying for the moment when I’ll take my first bite and how

much it’ll satisfy to…
my stomach my soul !!

that one day of fast made me learn and realize so many things that I was searching outside…
and from that day onward I started enjoying my food, I fasted for the next eight days without even realizing that I am having very limited food because
that was enough to content me.

Happy Navratri, Happy Detoxification 

Photo by Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

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