7 must follow tips for solo female traveler

Exclusively for India. some tips and don’t worry, just pack and go.

There are no biased tips for female, do whatever you want, wear what makes you beautiful, eat what you have craving for, visit the places of your dreams, wander places when its beauty on peak even if its late night or whatever time, get high and dance like hell, meet new people and enjoy unknowns company…

PS: I wish I could say all the above, but it will take some time meanwhile follow some tips below

we “women” are lacking only where safety is concerned, otherwise we are incomparable !!

PS: I want to replace the above line with “we are lacking nowhere”, it’s just a misconception of our mind.

1.Always book your tickets in advance at least for to and from the journey. but book and go and just go.[even one side ticket will work, don’t worry about it, tickets booking you can do anytime online]

2. Always carry a scarf, its like water bottle or phone charger whatever is more important to you. hang it on your sling bag, choose some bright colors.

3. Always carry bed-sheet, blanket while traveling in trains or public transport, even its summer and damn hot, cover yourself while sleeping.

4. Dress according to place, culture and locality at least somewhat, fashion is a different thing and your safety is different, be smart, look cool. wear funky clothes but less revealing.[keep your swag on], and even if you are wearing something short or different just don’t shy, carry confidence and those wrinkles which are in your heart should not reflect on your face. try.

5. Talk politely with people, shopkeepers, drivers but not over-friendly, talk about generic things like places and all and while talking “DO NOT TOUCH”. more you will visit the small places more helping and genuine people you will meet.

6. Always keep some packed food, snacks or something eatable, if its late night better you avoid to go outside and just tell your tummy to co-operate until morning.


7. Never over-bag, always carry a luggage which you can carry alone with comfort, without any help, not even coolie, when you travel have to manage all the things alone and its good if you do not take help of these things. lots of other things are already lined up where you can not avoid help, so minimize your help.

Don’t just miss traveling to India due to rumors all around, yes some of them are true, yeah most of them but remember your karma is always with you.

India is a very good place and its a must visit a country, travel fearlessly like you belong here, respect others. talk to local, taste local[don’t miss Panipuri], and have fun. you will back with lots of good memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

PS: all above tips from my personal experiences while visiting India.