5 Must Join Facebook group To Fuel Your Wanderlust

The More You Go, The More You Know

Join the right communities to know more about traveling and stay connected with all the information, tips and inspiration

Sharing five facebook groups to join now, where people love to help you with all your travel quries by simply following group rules and yes its all free, Yeye

Benefits of Joining theses groups:

  • One can ask travel-related queries/questions/concerns
  • One can post pictures/blogs/vlogs and any travel-related content
  • Meet minded people who consider traveling on a serious note
  • People are simple and genuinely love to help
  • Happy Discussion about traveling
  • No language boundaries (Hindi and English)
  • Group is of mixed members so you can easily fit and get some really experienced advice
  • Know more about upcoming trips/new places/culture and opinions
  • it will help you to plan any trip on your own., wo bhi bilkul muft, muft, muft

Some Common Rules Of All The Groups:

  • Every time when you post add some details like when/where and some caption with a short description about that place, helps people to understand the month look of that picture
  • No of Posts Each day/No Of Photos in each post
  • Sharing Link With some captions and description will always help you to reach more audience
  • Encouragement of group/place pictures over selfies(sahi bhi hai :P)

And do join my Facebook page and stay tuned with all this awesome stuff right on your feed


  1. Share and Relive Travel Experience

This group is having the largest community of 45k, which focuses mainly on sharing all your experience, everything starting from incidents to moments to feelings to discovery to offbeat, sharing feelings about traveling, your homestay experience, street food, and real travel experience is the niche

So are you ready to share experience about your most fav trip ?


2. Ghumakkadi Zindabad

This group is by Famous Traveler Neeraj Ji, known as Neeraj Musafir

Recently honored with “Rahul Sankrityayan Purushkar” from Government Of India, He wrote so many good books about traveling and also owned a travel company known as Travel King.

The group contains 9k members, one can get so much informative post, people mostly use the Hindi language so do join if you are a Hindi lover also there is no language boundation, travel meet-ups, travel inspiration so join it by below link


Checkout Travel Book Collection From NeerajAnd More

3. Ghumakkadi Dil Se

“Ghumakkari Dil Se” aka “GDS” known for its uniqueness to Provide Travel related Info in Indian Language mainly in Hindi.

This group is full of inspiration can say “heaven for Travelers” with 46k+ members group by GDS Some of the great travelers I found here, (Prateek Gandi and Mukesh Pandey is one of them)

The purpose of this group is pretty simple “Easy Traveling from personal experience”

One of my favorite group where every single time I get the quickest answers of all my questions, Also so many events keep going on daily basis,

like “Chai pe Charcha”, recognizing the travelers on various aspects like “Maximum interaction”, “Live with some traveler” kind of recognition.

So join this, you are just one click away


4. The Social Travel Tribe for Trippers

Although this group is new and having 250+ members only as of now but its content is new, unique, and fun, the way they interacted with travelers is so awesome, it’s like a daily dose of travel inspiration and apart from that, it is open platforms for travel agents, homestay and hotel owners.

So the main idea is to connect travellers with travel players, such a travel bloggers and vloggers who provide destination inspiration, hotel resort, homestay owners who want to market their properties and tour operators who want to showcase various tours at the destinations… also for fun like memes, travel jokes, travel games.

So do join the travel fun ride and get tripped


5. Ghumakkado Ki Duniya

With Very easy Rules and crowd of 1k+, this group by Travool is really cool

you are free here to share your blogs and vlogs, this is also one of the great communities with simple and passionate people, as less number of people more chances of reaching your content, where people actually take action and you can gain subscribers and followers.

So Don’t wait, Join Now World Of Ghumakkads !!


And if you are a solo female traveler and looking for dedicated groups so you can join female Indian Solo Travelers and bloggers, no rules your post will approve as soon as you post, and here you can talk all-girl travel-related things freely.

One more group is known as “The Himalayan Club” where People generally share stunning pictures of the Himalayas, Mountains and various other places so if you are a photographer this is a must join the group for you.

Ghumte Raho With @ghumakkad_bandi

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