Month: March 2017


No Apologies. What about living a guilt-free life what about forgetting all the mistakes you have done in past what about no regrets, no apologies, no sorry yes we did lots of mistakes, we cheated, we betrayed we broke hearts, sometimes we mistreated people sometimes we over-hope people, sometimes we gave them wrong signals unknowingly …

Never look back

Never look back Never. never look back once you decided to move on don’t think what will happen, nothing is in your hand don’t think about, if I want to return at some point of time don’t look back neither physically nor mentally just think about the path you want to walk now just think about the things you want …

Happy women’s day

Today is our day to start something for yourself                                                      laugh with all your cheeks My idea is : Write a letter to your future daughter today, about how you wish she should be, life lessons, pros, and cons of being a women and many more. and Be the one first, NOW. Happy women’s day !!